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About Coach Amy



(NASM CES/PES, MS Nutrition) 


Born and raised in QUEENS! Growing up my father had always encouraged my siblings and I to be active through sports. I grew up an avid sports fanatic (Yankees, Giants, Rangers all day!), just as he taught me. I played several sports from a young age, starting with coed little league. I was always ready to try something new. I had aspired to become a sports caster but once in college, decided to study physical education. While studying physical education at Queens College, I decided to then become a personal trainer. I started working as a trainer and teacher at the YMCA and eventually branched to other corporate and private gyms. I immediately fell in love with how good I made others feel about themselves. I enjoy helping others build their strength and confidence both physically and mentally. 


Providing others with the knowledge, motivation and support they need to be happy and healthy


After graduating, I began to teach full time and continued to do personal training while studying Nutrition at Adelphi University. After all, nutrition does play a huge role in physical fitness and I wanted to be able to help my clients succeed by teaching them the importance of both! It was personally important to me, being that I struggled for years with my own eating issues. Its my mission to help others have a better relationship with their bodies and the food that they eat. Currently, I am a Phys Ed teacher who prides myself in teaching inner city youth the importance of movement and health. 




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